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Medical patient falls off table, sues his physician…

An elderly patient was sitting on the examination table in his doctor’s office.

Then when his physician left the room, the man fell off the table.

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Apparently, now in the Sue-nited States of America, you can’t even be expected to sit on a table by yourself anymore. That’s simply too much responsibility.

A panel of the 2nd District Court of Appeal overturned a circuit judge’s decision to dismiss the Lee County lawsuit filed by James J. MacManus against physician G.A. Gamez and Joan Denmark.

The lawsuit stems from a July 2013 incident in which MacManus was alone on an examination table after Gamez and Denmark left the room following testing. MacManus fell off the table, hitting his head and losing consciousness, Wednesday’s ruling said.

MacManus filed a lawsuit, but Gamez and Denmark argued it should be dismissed because it did not comply with a requirement for providing a pre-suit notice in medical-malpractice cases. But MacManus argued that the lawsuit was a more-ordinary negligence case that didn’t have such a notice requirement.

Just another example of why you might want to have some assets protected.

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Medical patient falls off table, sues his physician…

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