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A Free Marketer In Venezuela

You may have believed that free marketers would be rare in a socialist country like Venezuela. But that’s far from the truth…

In fact, I would argue that Venezuela is a capitalist country at its core. But I’m not going to go into much detail about why I believe this (I explain more about it here).

In this article, I’m going to share with you why I consider myself a free marketer.

Omar Cagua

My name is Omar Cagua. I’m 22 years old, born and raised here in Venezuela. I’ve never visited any other country… and I’ve never known any other government besides this one.

I’ve been living all my life under the ruling of a socialist party. And I’ve seen first hand the aftermath of their practices…

As soon as the government steps in and (tries to) regulate prices of basic items such as corn flour, meat, eggs, milk, etc… you can’t find them anywhere. And it makes logical sense.

Let’s say a store owner buys 1lb of coffee at $10. And the government forces them to sell it at $8. They won’t sell it at a $2 loss. And that’s not all…

Hyperinflation means next time they have to restock, that same pound of coffee will cost $15, $20, $40, or more… And all they have is $8.

Because living in Venezuela teaches you there is no other way. If you want to live well, without hurting anyone, then you must be a capitalist.

When the government tries to interfere with the basic rule of supply and demand, nothing good comes out of it.

This is my story.

Now, why are you a free marketer?

Leave the answer in the comments below.

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A Free Marketer In Venezuela

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