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82 Days in Jail for Possession of Honey

A Jamaican man legally residing in the USA returned from his yearly visit to his home island.

With him he brought two bottles of honey.

[tweet “Unfortunately the airport drug dog thought the man’s bag smelled suspicious. And an initial test said the honey was actually meth”]

Another drug test revealed that the honey bottles were shockingly filled with honey.

But they still didn’t want to release him, even on bail. They wanted to send the honey off for more advanced testing.

EIGHTY TWO DAYS LATER the results came back. Honey.

US Customs finally released the man from jail… but by then he had already lost his job after being absent for nearly three months.

Normally, Haughton would’ve been released on his own recognizance since the charges levied against him had been whittled down to one misdemeanour.

But the original felony counts triggered an active Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer—so if the state released him, the feds could arrest and deport him.

Haughton’s legal saga took place in the midst of the winter’s lengthy government shutdown, meaning that no one could get in touch with the agency to have the detainer lifted.

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82 Days in Jail for Possession of Honey

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