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Democratic Debate Gets Personal

The Democratic presidential debate Thursday night quickly turned personal, as candidates took turns hammering each other on their vulnerabilities.

Joe Biden’s memory, Elizabeth Warren’s expensive plans, and Bernie Sanders’s socialism all turned into political footballs over the course of the debate.

Andrew Yang’s proposal in his opening statement to give 10 Americans $12,000 each drew laughs from his fellow Democrats. “It’s original, I’ll give you that,” Pete Buttigieg said with a smirk.

Biden went on the offensive against Warren early on, saying she “has not said how she would pay for [her health care plan].”

Amy Klobuchar slammed the Medicare for All bill supported by Sanders and Warren, flipping one of Sanders’s go-to lines back on him. Sanders may have written “the [damn] bill, but I read it,” the Minnesota senator said, noting that their plan would cause Americans to lose their private health insurance.

Biden took a shot at Sanders’s socialist beliefs while bashing the Vermont senator’s health care plan.

“For a socialist, you’ve got a lot more faith in corporate America than I do,” Biden said, hitting Sanders on his claim that corporations would provide partial refunds of health care premiums.

“You’ve got to defend the fact that 500,000 Americans are going bankrupt,” Bernie shot back, accusing Biden of not doing enough to ensure universal health care during President Barack Obama’s administration.

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Democratic Debate Gets Personal

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