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Why I Trust the Free Market as a Young Republican

In a social world controlled largely by the left, many find it shocking when I tell them I’m a free market capitalist.

There are 3 main reasons I support a free market;

The Market Creates Culture

Seems crazy…right?

Not really. An open economy allows the individual to easily express one’s self, and it allows the business owner to make a living of this individuality. Think about it this way; What was the Soviet Union’s culture like? If you’re smart, you’ll realize there wasn’t much culture at all – expression and the arts can’t exist in an authoritarian world.

The idea of expression, and the concept of capitalism go hand in hand. Both promote the use of the other, this is the beauty of the market, and it’s a shame that many who enjoy expression and the arts ironically denounce capitalism without knowing the impact it has on them.

The Market Provides Choice

In a world still affected by the likes of oppression and tyranny, capitalism provides liberty and free will for those affected by it. Above all, capitalism gives you a choice. Sure, you can call yourself “oppressed” because you toll 40 hours a week at McDonalds. But this isn’t oppression, you made the choice to pick that job.

You can quit just as easily as you can get hired, it’s YOUR choice.A free market favors the rational, and each person has the chance to succeed. You can take the easy route and work hard for no outcome, or you can be smart, get a useful degree, and grow yourself.

It’s your call, just dont expect my sympathy when you complain about the circumstances you put yourself in.The good thing about the market is that this choice is made available to all, and nobody gets left out. you just gotta be smart and make yourself stand out in the pack, anybody can do it.

The Market Expands Us

By far my favorite part about a free market is the good it does for humans. As long as the market does not infringe on the basic rights of others, it should be allowed to grow as much as possible.

The market has done countless great things to expand the human race as a whole, it does so much good that now, in 2019, we have privatized space race to get to Mars, isn’t that awesome?Things like this grow our reach and provide things like food, better healthcare, and self expression for all.

It allows the hard working man to grow himself and his business with hard (and smart) work. It adapts to the consumers desires and fits the needs and wants of each person. As of right now, this is the greatest system allowing expression and growth for each person.

If controlled right, a free market does great things for all, and in my opinion, is one of mankind’s greatest inventions.

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Why I Trust the Free Market as a Young Republican

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