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Swedish Man Fined $2,000 for Someone Else’s “Hate Speech”

There’s a Swedish Facebook group known as “Stand up for Sweden”.

The group is primary political, and they skew to the far right. They’re anti-immigrant and generally bemoan foreigners coming to their country.

And recently some xenophobic comments were posted on the group’s Facebook page which were deemed ‘racist’ and ‘hate speech’.

[tweet “Now, I have no idea what was posted on the page; the comments have been removed, and I don’t speak Swedish”]

The issue here is that the person who administers the group was slapped with a roughly $2,000 fine for not immediately censoring someone else’s hate speech.

Even more bizarrely, they relied on an obscure Swedish law dating back nearly three decades (before Facebook or social media even existed) as the legal basis to fine him.

This sets a dangerous precedent that anyone can be held responsible for someone else’s WORDS (let alone their actions).

Full story here

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Swedish Man Fined $2,000 for Someone Else’s “Hate Speech”

by Sonia Landry time to read: 1 min