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I’m Jenny Rocha of Brazil & I’m a Free Marketer!

I am Jennifer Fernandes Rocha, Brazilian, a biologist that loves our planet, medicine and music. I love to help people, and I am an avid supporter of a political party in my country that is similar to the Republican Party in the United States.

Let me share a little bit of my experience with you…

I have been a volunteer teacher helping a young group to do their best applying to a number of Universities in Brazil. I have taught English to people that needed to learn the language to do their jobs at the various companies that employ them. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and it makes me seek a better life each day.

I truly admire the way that President Trump leads the US and improves the country as days go by. If I were American, I would certainly vote for him!

The way that Brazil is being governed does not make me happy. Brazil is sinking in corruption! But I believe that if we do the right things we can change that scenery.

I feel very strongly that positive change in Brazil is not going to be through something so ineffective, illogical and obviously unsuccessful as socialism. That is a nonsensical idea from the opposite political party – one that that corresponds to democrats in the US.

I believe that writing to republicans in the US with a Brazilian vision would help me find a solution for my fellow citizens to fight for – a better government in my country. I continue studying politics, growing my understanding. I would share my ideas with others here, and that is what make us “rich”: Knowledge!

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Exchanging ideas is one of the things that I truly enjoy, as is learning from others and their experiences. So, I thought “Why not transform these two things in my work?”

Being a free marketer was my solution. Finding solutions is another thing that enriches our minds. Intelligent people do intelligent things. Need an example? Trump! He is my kind of my president – I admire him tremendously!

In conclusion, from my point of view, these are all strengths that might help me become a legal immigrant in United States. Learning and understanding how things work, I respect the US even more, and that respect is the main motivation for a person to contribute to the best operation of a country.

After all, people are not simply a political party. People are the country’s most important asset, in this case, American people.

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I’m Jenny Rocha of Brazil & I’m a Free Marketer!

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