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Dems Bet All Their Chips on Joe Biden?

If you’re keeping up with the news, you know that on September 24th Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

Nancy is the president of the United States House of Representatives and affiliated with Democrats. She ordered that six committees investigate the suspicions around Trump recruiting Ukrainian authorities to interfere in his favor in 2020 American elections.

Does it not seem a strategic move?

In 2018 elections Democrats obtained victory in the House of Representatives, the first time in eight years. Republicans commanded the legislative and executive powers since 2017 but Democrats now want to command these powers.

An “excellent move” they could make to take them back would involve something that put the population against Trump trying to show that he is a corrupt president.

But, think: How could he be corrupt when he simply gave up his president salary? As you know, as soon as he won the dispute for the presidency he proposed to receive a symbolic salary: the amount of US$ 1 per month (just US$ 12 per year) instead of US$ 400.000 per year.

If this whole thing of “whistleblower”, “Ukrainians” “manipulation of elections” was not predicted to make Joe Biden, the pre-candidate of Democrats, more prone to win the elections, they certainly took an advantage of it. The Democrats are betting that he is the right candidate to defeat Trump.

Let’s see!

Joe Biden was vice president of Barack Obama (2009-2017) and even in 2019 people who are in favor of the Democratic party still believe that Obama was “the best American president of the last 50 years”.

No, it is not a joke! I have read this in an article just one month ago. Well, if you insert the vice president of Obama, you make people believe that the lead of the government will be similar to the last democrat government. Actually, in 2016 people were speculating wether he would enter the presidential race, but the Democrats announced Hillary Clinton as the candidate and she was not the best choice as we could see. So, why not insert Biden as candidate for 2020?

[tweet “I am not trying to create a conspiracy around Joe Biden, I just got arrived at this conclusion, my own conclusion”]

Writing this article means a lot for me – it means I am showing you another point of view. A point of view of a Brazilian. Do you know the fame of politics and politicians in my country? Let me know if you are interested in this subject.

The lesson: Don’t accept the things are given to us without questioning them – it is something that makes you feel free! We need to think outside the box, free of falsehood and misinformation – free to think as individuals.


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Dems Bet All Their Chips on Joe Biden?

by Jennifer Rocha time to read: 2 min