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Evil Capitalism – a Construct of Socialism?

Today I want to share a couple of stories with you… these are somewhat recent, and they illustrate how socialism can actually create the perspective of “evil capitalism”.

It all started back in March, with a national power blackout here in Venezuela that left about 96% of the country without power or internet… and little to no running water or cell phone service.

This happened because the funds destined for the maintenance of the country’s main energy supply were diverted directly to a  particular politician’s pockets, which almost always happens in a socialist country.

And bit by bit, things started to get worse until by the end of February of this year, we had our first (of many) nation-wide blackouts for 2019.

Now, when this happened, some took advantage of the situation, and in doing so, created an evil capitalism.…

Some people with power plants were charging in US dollars so others could charge their phones and stay communicated. If you had no cash lying around, you were out of luck as a result of a so-called local, evil capitalism.

Public transportation went from $0.04 to $1. So if you didn’t own a car… or if you didn’t have $1 in your wallet… then all you could do is walk home. And if you live in the most dangerous city in the world (Caracus), that’s not a good thing.

However, I want to clear something up… these examples are from a very small sample of the population. These were people who put their own needs before others in a terrible way.

Others decided to do good instead, lending their power plants to children’s hospitals and other more noble gestures of that sort. This is also capitalism, and these are the people I like to focus on when thinking about Venezuela.

Nevertheless, this “evil capitalism” does exist locally, and I believe it will always be caused by a greater, corrupt force like socialism/communism.

But then again, I may be wrong. Please share your thoughts and comment below.

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Evil Capitalism – a Construct of Socialism?

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