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Socialism Loves Its Mythology – A Free Marketer Perspective

Even after everything this country is going through, there are still some that believe socialism is the way to make things better. It would seem that socialism loves its mythology.

But I’ve noticed that, for most socialists, this “argument” comes from some myths they believe to be true about capitalism. They aren’t based on logic or statistics, yet are prevalent here in Venezuela.

So I wanted to take a second and share the biggest myths I’ve seen die-hard socialists share as irrefutable truths:

Capitalism Myth #1 – If you have a company or a business, you’re exploiting your employees

I hear this one frequently since my dad has a company. Some of my aunts and uncles truly believe he was exploiting the carpenters and truck drivers who worked for him just because he was “the boss”.

Of course, they didn’t have any evidence. They just “knew” it to be the case. But I believe this comes from a deep-rooted misconception about business and the roles inside of a company.

Most socialists believe that if you’re the owner of a company, you only care about making money, and that the best way to do so is to lower your employees wages while making them do more work.

But that’s far from the truth… Wouldn’t it be in your best interest to keep your employees happy and well-paid so they do better work? This is the part that escapes the majority of socialists, and why it seems socialism loves its mythology.

Capitalism Myth #2 – If I work more hours than you, then I deserve more money

What socialists fail to grasp is that, the value of the work you do isn’t tied to the number of hours you spend on it. It’s tied to the value it produces.

Capitalism Myth #3 – Win-win scenarios just don’t exist

This I believe is at the core of most of their arguments. I think they believe, when it comes to business, you can’t have a win-win scenario between the owner and an employee.

They believe someone has to lose. And until this myth is fully busted, I think we’ll always have people who keep voting for the socialist party even when the evidence that this doesn’t work is all around them.

Socialism loves its mythology

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Socialism Loves Its Mythology – A Free Marketer Perspective

by Omar Cagua time to read: 2 min