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Venezuela’s Politicians – Why We Don’t Respect Them

There’s a reason why I’ve never been a fan of Venezuelan government or of the socialist party. Because Venezuela’s politicians (and their followers) share a very specific trait…

Venezuela’s politicians don’t take responsibility for what’s happening.

Let me explain…

Power blackouts are the norm in Venezuela. They’ve been happening for years and years. But, in all this time, the government hasn’t taken responsibility for the issue – not even once.

They always have a different story, and some of these seem absolutely unbelievable.

Here are some just for your amusement…

1- An iguana got into the installations and chewed off some cables. This caused a power blackout that lasted for several hours.

2- A trained sniper brought here by the US carefully shot a very important machine in the installations. This was a very recent “explanation” and they even showed “proof” of the matter on national television.

3- Have you every seen Die Hard 4.0, the Bruce Willis movie? Well, Venezuela’s politicians claimed that a similar computer virus like the one used in the movie was the cause of major power blackouts.

They brought “experts” to talk on national television and say that the movie was based on real life and that the US was behind this attempt.

I could share many more ridiculous examples just like these three. But what I find even more ridiculous is that they’ve never said something like:

“We know the US is behind these attempts [even though it’s false], but we will take care of it. The electricity will return to your homes within 48 hours.”

Instead of doing this, Venezuela’s politicians just put the blame on some outside force and wash their hands.

This is why I’ve never really respected the socialist party or its politics, or almost any politician for that matter. Simply because most of them don’t accept responsibility… even if it’s not their fault.

What do you think? Have you seen a politician take responsibility for a big problem before? Did it change your opinion about them… even just a little bit?

You can leave your answer in the comments section below.

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Venezuela’s Politicians – Why We Don’t Respect Them

by Omar Cagua time to read: 2 min