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What Do You Do When You Have To Live Day To Day?

You might believe that, in a country like Venezuela, where most people don’t have the necessary means to eat two times a day, what little money they do have goes to food, water, basic needs…

But, that’s not entirely accurate.

If that was the case, then restaurants, movie theaters, and ice cream shops would go out of business. Clothing stores would be on the decline. Yet…

I was walking down the street yesterday and walked past a beauty salon. Every chair was occupied, there was no room for one more customer…

I kept walking and saw a pretty popular ice cream shop that’s close to where I live, and as always, had a long line of people waiting to buy.

These are just two examples that, when you look at it from the outside, it doesn’t make sense. How can people that live day to day and don’t have enough money for basic needs can spend it all on a whim?

The reason is just that, they live day to day. They want to escape their reality of their lives in any way possible. Even if it means spending their “food money” on a pair of sneakers.

Priorities go out the window when it comes to feeling like you’ve escaped the country’s situation. And it makes sense if you think about it…

Everyone wants to feel happy and in control. Everyone likes to buy new things even if they don’t need them. This is human psychology. And it won’t change no matter whether you live in Europe or in Venezuela.

Is this a bad thing? Maybe. You could argue that the reason why they’re living day to day is because they’re wasting their money. They don’t have a solid financial plan that allows them to save and invest.

But you could also argue that this money is being well spent… because, for just a few minutes, it lets them forget about the situation they’re going through. They can forget about politics, work, survival… and who doesn’t want to forget about that in this country?

What do you think? Would you sacrifice short-term pleasure for a possible long-term gain?

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What Do You Do When You Have To Live Day To Day?

by Omar Cagua time to read: 2 min