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Di Caprio Fights for Environmental Preservation

Brazil was “on fire” some days ago!

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, was live on Facebook on November 29th. While he was talking about some topics as tourism in Brazil, Bolsa Família (a Brazilian social welfare program), he decided to talk a little bit about the wildfire in the Amazon Brazilian forest.

Bolsonaro has declared some NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) guilt by the burning in Amazon, which is happening with some undesirable frequency lately. The Brazilian President said that some of the NGOs that are for sake of helping the Amazon forest are setting fire in it to take some pictures, show them on the internet and make negative publicity of Brazil and the acting president. All the accusations were made without evidence.

Then, he accused Leonardo DiCaprio of financing that suspicious NGOs looking like a nice guy. Well, if you do not remember or if you did not know I can refresh your mind. In September of 2017, the actor donated US$ 20 million (the equivalent at the time to R$ 62,6 million, ‘reais’ is the Brazilian currency) to NGOs that fight for environmental conservation in and out of the United States.

DiCaprio did not keep quiet and answered on his Instagram account:

The answer of Leonardo DiCaprio on his Instagram (

Continuing in the line with discussions between DiCaprio and the Presidents, in his speech in 2017 during an event at Yale University, the actor asked president Trump to make more commitment to the environment. But apparently, Trump did not say a word about it. As a biologist, we can talk more about the relationship that Trump and Bolsonaro have with the environment and my point of view about that issue.

Want to know my opinion about Bolsonaro and DiCaprio’s “discussion”, though? Bolsonaro has not acted right accusing Leonardo DiCaprio and the NGOs without proof, but there are some things involved in illegal acts in the Amazon forest that the probability of something like this to happen is not so low.

In the next article, we are going to see some reports from people that live near the forest. They are under attack of the illegal logger for years, people die and some fake NGOs give support for illegal acts.


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Di Caprio Fights for Environmental Preservation

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