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The Capitalists Challenge

Several years ago, I convinced a friend of mine that buying the domain name would deliver massive returns. We would buy it and flip it for a better price. I had dabbled in domaining and figured this one would be a win.

Fast forward to today, I still own it, but in the current social and political discussions we are having, the richness of our return matters less to us than the richness of our contribution to the discussion, the culture, and people’s lives that are impacted by Capitalists.

Any good media organization has to figure out the financial side of things; How do we grow an audience? What does that audience want that the market is not providing? We learn the answers by asking, listening, and then adapting to what the market tells us.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned – Google’s mission of organizing the world’s information is not as important as curating human knowledge. We are now drowning in information, while we’re starving for wisdom. Google, Facebook, and Twitter seem to now have has as their new mission controlling information.

We Capitalists, and I would argue everyone in the world, need to create a way to inform people, educate them, and help them to interact with one another that circumvents Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Otherwise, hate will only continue to grow.

If we lose any way of getting the truth without the ability and means to question… we can’t operate as a society.  Potentially life-saving ideas and innovations cannot spread. A smaller and smaller group of the most ruthless people will decide how stuff is distributed.

Already, a third of all Americans have no trust in the media, more than half of all Republicans believe the election process is corrupt. My dear readers, we absolutely hate one another. We don’t act like we want people to win, we just seem to want the other guys to lose. Every moment that we do not find a way to talk to one another, people are leveraging hate to build power and get richer.

In this time of million server data centers, billion people audiences, trillion dollar companies, and seemingly all powerful titans, the most effective weapon we have is words. Words share ideas and ideas drive people… and change the world.

Something as mundane as a string of words put together can feed the hungry, heal nations, and give everyone hope. The question Capitalists has to answer is: How do we share our words in a way that creates enough value to make sharing them economically viable and sustainable?

I would love to hear your ideas. That’s why I have reached out to all of you. I would like some ideas.

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The Capitalists Challenge

by Ron Jarvis time to read: 2 min