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Spousal Approval Obtained! Grudgingly…

So fellow Capitalist,

I have been talking about a marketplace cooperative forever to everyone who would listen. The person I inflict my thoughts on the most is my poor wife. I have been in digital businesses and assets most of my whole professional life. I have learned its about finding out whats available, making a good pitch, and having the capital ready to pull the trigger. I have spent years explaining that there is an easy way to raise money and build relationships to earn a good living in digital assets. Its always been theory.

My wife and friends have always shut me up by saying “it sounds good, you should do it”. It has not just been that I have ben afraid of failing and looking dumb when it fails, I dont want people to think they have been scammed. So I am pursuing what I have been talking about for years. I am however going to make sure that I put others before myself. I pledge to exclude myself from being the first man in and be the dummy who buys in when everybody else knows about it.

Let me explain, remember the whole, would you like to be paid a penny and have it double every day for a month or get a million dollars? Everyone knows the doubling penny ends up making over 10 times more at $10,737,418.24. Much better than the million dollars. But thats not the way assets rise in value. Nothing grows by 100% a day. Stocks, crypto, land, or whatever asset rises a little at a time. Even the mighty bitcoin took a long time to get from less than a penny to almost $64,000. So I say that someone should create a cooperative that rises very incrementally instead of exponentially.

The coop reaches out to owners of digital assets offering them certain amount to buy their assets. To be a member of the coop, you pay .05 for every member of the coop doing this outreach and then reach out to one owner per day.  The data is certainly worth .05 per participant, much more in fact. So the value of the data rises by .05 with each sale instead of doubling in value.  This means the price rises by 175 dollars each day if 3,500 sales or about 150 an hour are made.  Much to my wifes displeasure, I sit out day one, as it raises $306,250 in capital to buy digital assets and promote the coop and day two, it raises $612,500 in capital to buy digital assets and promote the coop.

My wife is not surprisingly unhappy missing over 350,000 percent growth during the first day and over 700,000 percent growth in the first two day. But she would much rather risk a whopping nickel than 175 bucks. I am not only missing those first two days when the coop raises close to a million dollars, I am missing all of the growth in week one while the coop raises over 15 million dollars to make offers on assets. Heck, I am even missing all of the first two weeks that brings the price up to 2,450 dollars. Divorce was discussed when I explained about the 4.9 million percent return missed and that we would be risking more than double the amount of money.

On the bright side, I explained the positives of our $5,000 purchase. Each day the price rises, it will be harder to find 3,500 buyers.  By the time wecan buy it, the coop will be very credible as it will have raised $250,000,000. It will have reached out to 1.5 million owners and be on track to reach out to 3,000,000 a month. When I can risk $5,000, people will be talking about the runup and whether it can continue. Domain and website owners will know the coop exists and start to reach out to it to find out whether its willing to buy their asset. The data will be a great buy, there is no place to get the database the coop will have built.  At $5,000, the data will be a required expenditure for “domainers” and brokers.

In the end, my wife and I are speaking. She hasn’t told me how noble I am for forgoing a 10 million percent return by staying out of the first 100,000 coop members. My friends and acquaintances laugh at me for not being smarter. Is it going to get me some karma? Am I being holier than thou? Do I think this means I deserve your respect and admiration? Not really. This will be so much fun to watch. When my kids do something that takes us to the doctors office or emergency room, the question always comes from both my wife and me: “what were you thinking?” Their answer never satisfies us. But the answer is the same as theirs when it comes to creating this cooperative data service… “I wanted to know if I could do it”. So I ask you folks: “Can we do it?”

Let me know in the comments what you think. What can go wrong and what will go wrong?

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Spousal Approval Obtained! Grudgingly…

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