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Ron Davies - Editor

A rabid advocate of free markets, I have bought, sold & developed digital and properties since 1995, helping investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, and funds avoid maximize profits in M&A, while avoiding capital losses resulting from digital investments based on faulty or misleading data. Having built ProfitMart, the most prolific and successful joint venture and affiliate marketing site of its time, Ron brings significant experience to digital business sustainability, growth, and verticality through untapped revenue channels. Dad, entrepreneur, mastermind founder, growth consultant, quoted in business texts from Business SOS, The Wealth Generators, to Entrepreneur Magazine, interviewed by Aweber, Entrepreneur, Success Magazine and Impact 100 Award recipient. A decorated military veteran of 22 years, Ron received awards for innovation from the Canadian Federal Government and Chief of Defence. Father of 3, abysmal golfer, a decent guitarist, an avid motorcyclist, and Taekwon-Do Heavyweight National Silver Medalist.

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