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Cabinet May See Trump’s Favorite TV Host Hegseth Take a Seat

According to the Washington Post, Pete Hegseth, host of Fox News who is a conservative voice on US veteran’s policy is being seen as the top candidate to take over Veterans Affairs.

Trumps current VA is David Shulkin.  But Shulkin is facing growing criticism over his management team, to the point where his senior aides have asked to have him kicked out last month.

Liked by Trump, Shulkin is the only remaining member of the Obama administration’s Cabinet

But with recent activity, Shulkin has been criticized and the separation within his department has been increasing.  Many didn’t like his conduct around a 10-day business trip to Europe.

This angered specifically veterans so much so that security around Shulkin has had to be increased.

Hegseth is an Iraq War veteran, who has been targeting Shulkin and legislators from both parties for their lack of interest in expanding veterans’ access to private doctors.

Hegseth’s views may be considered extreme, even by Republicans, but he is getting support for them.

Trump does get counsel from Hegseth, Trump reportedly calls Hegseth frequently to discuss veterans affairs.

So we may see Trump replace Shulkin but he wouldn’t be the only one on the list.  Others may include National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

There may be another shakedown at the White House only time will tell.

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