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Capitalism Created Cell Phones

Are cell phones a collateral benefit of capitalism, or a necessary product designed to help husbands call their wives for purchase clarification while at the supermarket? Here’s how capitalism created cell phones.

You can imagine a man calling his wife to find out what she wanted from the shop.  It’s not that men don’t know what they are at the shop for in general, but it’s the sheer number of choices that can be overwhelming. 

Take mustard & mayonnaise for instance. 

You can choose from spicy, Dijon, classic, organic, regular, olive oil, light….the number of choices is almost endless.

There used to be just one or two variations.  Now, when we search the shelves, the odds of picking the wrong item are higher.  The brands and varieties are all competing to catch your eye. 

Stores are evolving similarly. 

Draw as many customers as practicable to make the most money.  This is the essence of capitalism.

Kroger, a nice U.S.supermarket, preceded the Publix opening its doors by over a decade.

Before Publix, Kroger worked well. It expanded and upgraded its stores.  Then along came Publix, with a different approach to customer service than Kroger. 

At Publix, when you’re looking for an item, instead of someone telling you it’s in aisle 7, you are walked to the exact spot in aisle 7. 

Now, if catch yourself standing in front of either store with a confused look, you’ll find employees coming at you from every direction to help. 

And the winner? Whoever gets to you first. 

Remember, a store’s success isn’t just about them.  With each product variation you have behind it an army of farmers, production workers, processors, marketing teams, sales people, delivery teams and many others. 

All of these people make their living through the sales of each product. 

Now, let’s look at someone under communist rule, for a moment. 

Often, store shelves looked empty, with few or even no cars on the streets, like East Berlin for example. 

Ask someone who lived in the time of each of those economies, first communist Berlin, and then capitalist Berlin, if life is better under capitalism. And that is why capitalism created cell phones.

 They will likely tell you that they have been able to buy an apartment, a car, and even start their own business.  Do you think life is better for them now?  Of course, it is.

Elementary, Dear Watson.

Bono, front man and singer of U2 knows all too well that capitalism is better.  Bono said, “Aid is just a stop-gap. Commerce, through entrepreneurial capitalism, takes more people out of poverty than aid.”

Now, look again at your husband when he reaches for his phone to call. 

You might better understand the decisions he has to make. What will you choose?

Capitalism Created Cell Phones

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