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Conservative Radio Host Joe Walsh in Election 2020 Against Trump?

Joe Walsh, a conservative radio host who was also an Illinois congressman may challenge Trump in a primary.

“You’re running out of time. But more importantly, these are not conventional times. Look at the guy in the White House. These are urgent times,” said Walsh.

Elected in 2010 as part of the Tea Party movement, Walsh said he voted for Trump in 2016 only “because Trump wasn’t Hillary Clinton.”

Walsh indicated that his views changed as a result of Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin (Russian President ) in Helsinki last year, in which Trump sided with the Russian over his own intelligence community’s assessments of meddling in the election.

When asked when he’ll decide on whether to challenge Trump, Walsh said, “Labor Day’s in what — a week. If you want to get in, you’ve got to get in within the next week or so.”

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