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Win $500 In Our About Page Contest is a Place for Builders.

We inform people, educate them, and help Capitalists do business with people who share their love of freedom.

The modern-day “mission statement” is a website’s “ABOUT” page. Initially, I worked on Capitalists’ about page and observed quite a bit of eye rolling. So, I thought, maybe we should just go to Fiverr and have someone from the Philippines write it. (Only kind of kidding.)

But after deeper consideration, I decided that the ABOUT page is not only my vision for the site. I realize that people should have a say in what the community of people who interact on it holds dear.

For instance, I believe that there’s already enough argue back and forth media. I’m not against it, I do enjoy a spirited debate. I just think it’s not missing. What do others think?

It matters.

There is not a place where people can talk economics, finance, business, and society from a free market perspective without it all too often devolving into shouting and name calling. Should there be? Does saying we are going to try to keep it civil serve to curtail people’s self-expression?

I think the ABOUT page should say what is important, and I want our future users to have a say in that.

There is also a need for voices. Eloquent people need to have a platform where they can promote and defend important ideas, the idea they feel strongly about. If you have something to say about why we need more people building businesses, creating art, and improving our communities then I want to be the guy that builds you a stage.

So,  I’m crowdsourcing the ABOUT page.

Write it up, describe it, and help us invite people. This is only open to people who are better writers than I am (which not only includes just about everyone in the US but most people in the Philippines as well). I found some good articles about ABOUT pages including this one from Moz and this from Copyblogger.

Ronald Jarvis

Here’s how it will work:

  • People submit their version of the about page after checking out this article and some other resources.
  • People visit the contest page and vote for their favourite. Get everyone you know to come to your submission and vote it up, and get them to share it as well.
  • The most voted for ABOUT page gets a $ 500 prize.
  • Everyone gets their entry posted to build up their credibility and online footprint.

Let’s have some fun, and reward some lucky duck the $500 bucks!

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