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Lawsuit Filed By Arizona Republicans

On Wednesday night, GOP demanded a change to how some Arizona counties tally mail-in ballots in a lawsuit filed by Arizona Republicans

Election officials are tallying over 600,000 mail-in votes, and it could take days to complete and double check.

Republicans feel that mail-in ballots need to be limited.

When a ballot is cast by mail it goes through a lengthy laborious signature confirmation process. Once the signature is confirmed only then can the vote be opened and counted.

About 75 % of Arizona voters cast their ballots by mail, so this is not easy work, and definitely, time-consuming.

Additionally, time is needed if county recorders have difficulty verifying signatures. The voter can then be asked to verify their identity before their ballot will be counted.

The concern is that the 15 county recorders don’t follow the same standards to let voters fix problems with their mail-in ballots. On top of this, there are two counties who improperly allow these fixes to be done after Election Day.

This is enough of a concern that four county Republican parties filed a suit Wednesday wanting this addressed.

The GOP brought up these issues before Election Day and had threatened to sue, leading to the current lawsuit filed by Arizona Republicans.

Democrats feel there are no issues, as Republicans feel the law isn’t being followed properly and ballots are counted neither in a timely nor compliant fashion.

In Arizona, the race between Republican Rep. Martha McSally and Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema was a tight one with the 1.7 million tabulated votes. McSally feels it is unjust she has to wait for days to find out the final tally.

The sluggish count is receiving more attention because how close the races were this midterm.

Right now, two Arizona counties allow voters to clear up their signature up to five days post-election.

The numbers right now are uncertain. The next release of ballots was quite late last night, and the lawsuit is scheduled to be heard today.

This midterm election brought in more voters than normal, exacerbating the already understaffed and overloaded county registrars.

Republicans feel it is glaringly obvious that this far from an ideal system, and that it does not even approach levels of compliance required for official election handling.

So what can be done to make sure every American who cast their ballot is heard?

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