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Sunday Night = Get Ready for the Week Ahead!

Ever see those people that come into the office Monday morning looking lost?

No plan. No idea what they need to do. With no chance of hitting the ground running…

I am not saying take away from a family day, but if you’re just sitting on your ass and watching TV, why not use that time to help you get a better start to the week?

Know anyone that is on a diet plan or in the fitness world? They often use Sunday or Sunday Night as their meal prep time.

When I was in my crazy powerlifting bodybuilding mode, that is what I did every Sunday night. I got all my food ready for the week so I didn’t have to deal with it later.

Have a family? Wait until they hit that sweet slumber then crack your laptop open and get some shit done.

Whether you are knocking out emails, some excel charts or booking meetings, everything you bang out then, you won’t have to do Monday. Very few are “that busy” even if we have been trained to always use that excuse.

Most people have some dead time, every single day.  On average we spend 4-5 hours a day watching TV. BUT “you don’t have time.”

Take that bullshit somewhere else, we ain’t buying it. Are you taking 2 days off out of 7 and expect to hit high goals?

Make an hour on Sunday for your career, it will help.

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