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  • BitTorrent ICO Raised $7.1M in 15 Minutes

    BitTorrent ICO Raises $7.1M in 15 Minutes The initial coin offering of the popular torrent client BitTorrent has been completed successfully...

    TechSonia LandryMarch 18, 2019
  • The Exciting World of Crypto Altcoin Trading

    The world never sits still and the evolution of humanity and their systems never ceases to advance. Although throughout our history ...

    FinanceSonia LandryMarch 5, 2019
  • Changing Up Crypto Winklevoss Twins Style

    The Winklevoss twins always like to stir things up. Are several crypto exchanges really looking at taking the crypto market to...

    FinanceSonia LandrySeptember 3, 2018