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  • Trump declares national emergency to build wall

    WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Friday declared a national emergency to address issues with border security and unilaterally build barriers...

    PoliticsSonia LandryFebruary 18, 2019
  • Another Brick in the Wall

    Brian Kolfage launched a crowdfunding campaign to build Trump’s border wall. Is there a better way to privately fund a wall?...

    EditorialRon JarvisJanuary 17, 2019
  • Trump Tours Devastation In California

    As President Trump stood in the middle of burnt out homes and cars in California this Saturday, he said, “We’re going...

    LifeSonia LandryNovember 19, 2018
  • USMCA replaces NAFTA

    No more NAFTA For The U.S., Mexico, and Canada. NAFTA comes to an end, to be replaced by a new agreement....

    StrategySonia LandryOctober 9, 2018