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Take Action or Die a Complainer. 

No one gives it to you. You have to take it.” 1 of my favorite quotes from The Departed because it was something I learned very early in my life.

I remember as an early teenager the days of wishing things were better or different. That dreaming led to nowhere. It took work, putting yourself out there for rejection and continuous learning to change my life.

In the business world anyway, sometimes you have to just ask for forgiveness later but only if they are not praising you for making something big happen.

We all know those people that keep complaining about their career & do nothing about it. Know those people that always TALK about “what they are going to do” “What ya waitin’ for?” T.I.

Just a couple things out of many… They are going to take energy & effort if you want to change your situation.

For all those wanting to be a manager at 25 just because you show up to work every day, I say good luck, no one owes your [email protected] Get good at your job before you ask for a bigger job, no one is going to hand it to you.

All great things take work, energy, and effort. You don’t get, what you don’t ask for & you may ask for it but not deserve it. Passive people rarely get what they want.

Go TAKE IT, act as if you’re NOT ASKING.

Take action or die a complainer.

Sonia Rina Davies is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, author, and personal development coach. She is an outspoken advocate of the free market economy and has helped countless clients identify their core values, envision and realize goals that resonate with those values. She oversees several businesses both online and offline.

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