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Tesla Owners Furious: Locked Out of their Cars

Connected things are wonderful until they fail on you. Many Tesla owners allegedly experienced this today as they got locked out of the car because the app was apparently down for maintenance.

Several users took Twitter to pour out their agony. Some of them were logged out of the app and weren’t able to use it to unlock their cars.

Tesla Owners Furious: Locked Out of their Cars Pic 2 Tesla Owners Furious: Locked Out of their Cars Pic 1, a website that shows the status of various services, had many people reporting an outage for Tesla over the last couple of hours. According to the website, first outages were reported around 4.30AM ET.

But some people who didn’t have the key card or the fob, and were logged out of the app, had to wait at the time of reporting.

Some users are now reporting that the app is back up. However, there’s no word from Tesla on what caused the outage. We’ve reached out to the company, and we’ll update the story if we hear back.

Last year, some users allegedly went off the grid when the app was down.

While maintenance downtimes are normal, Tesla should’ve accounted for situations like this and ensured their vehicles were accessible to owners, downtime or not.

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