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Tidbits of Technology

  1. A unique chip technology from a camera startup was bought for $90 million by Amazon last year.
  2. Bitcoin has a high risk of being cut in half, warned JP Morgan.
  3. A regional court in Berlin ruled that Facebook’s use of personal data is illegal.
  4. Gavin Free and Meg Turney, two Youtube stars had to hide in a closet to escape an armed fan, that later killed himself.
  5. Former Samsung executive Injong Rhee to join Google.
  6. CEO Susan Wojcicki, of YouTube, not a fan of Facebook’s increased videos on its platform.
  7. Amazon to cut hundreds of jobs in the consumer-retail division.
  8. Uber drivers are now forced to take a long break after 12 hours of working.
  9. Android working on its next version will be designed to support notches.
  10. VP of sale Jeff Lucas to leave Snaps.





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