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What to Do In A Toxic Work Environment

You have likely been in a toxic work environment at least once. We all know this is not good for anyone’s well-being or the overall health of the office.

What might be you able to do, if you find yourself in such a situation?

Don’t Allow People To Steel The Joy

Not allowing toxic people to drain the office’s energy, in the first place. Words can really affect someone’s state of mind but successful people know to not allow these to affect them. A toxic person will try to break you down, nip this one in the butt before it gets out of hand.

Set Boundaries

When you are a successful person you understand that toxic people need to have effective boundaries. This is so they do not affect everyone’s ability to be effective. Draw that line; don’t allow this to drag the office down.

Rise Above Them

By mastering the art of rising above, successful people can remain calm and rational with a toxic person’s irrational behaviour.

Be Solution Orientated

Don’t centre your focus on that negative person but rather focus on your goals.

Store Your Energy For More Positive Results

When you have someone in the office that is toxic, they will thrive on chaos. They will also do anything to take your energy down to their level. By understanding your limits, you will be more easily able to stay clear of toxic situations. When you choose your battles wisely, you will have the energy to concentrate on bigger and better things.

Use Your Resources

When there are toxic work environment problems in the office, sometimes reaching out to some mentors will help. More than likely they have had experience with this. Even others in the office may be able to come up with an effective way to help. Use your resources to work through these toxic people.

Be Aware Of Your Triggers

When you are aware of what triggers an emotional reaction in you. You can start to learn to control these reactions. This lack of emotional response is a great way to disarm a toxic person.

Learn To Forgive But Don’t Forget

Forgiving comes from emotional intelligence. It allows you to unburden yourself from mistakes of others. But being forgiving doesn’t mean you become a door matt. It means you are not wasting your mental energy on those who you can’t trust and aren’t worthy.

In the end be the bigger person if you find yourself in a Toxic Work Environment.

Be that emotionally intelligent person that brings the energy up in the office and not down.

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