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VIDEO: Students Petition to Ban ‘offensive’ White Man in Crosswalk Signs

With the rise of politically correct culture, students and universities have vehemently pushed for diversity and inclusivity movements, resulting in many things being labeling “offensive.”

and even Christmas to push diversity and inclusion.

“I can see like, I guess, why some students have a problem with it… I’ll totally sign that.”

Amid these ongoing diversity and inclusivity movements, Campus Reform went to George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where students previously voted to ban their “offensive” Colonials mascot. GW students also previously told Campus Reform that President Barack Obama is the best president in U.S. history.

Campus Correspondent Ethan Cai asked George Washington students if they supported changing “offensive” crosswalk lights because the “walk” sign only portrays an image of a white man.

How far will this movement of diversity and inclusion go? Where will the line be drawn for what is considered offensive?

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